An Existential Sing-Along

by Doppelskope

Written and Devised by Ora Fruchter and Christopher Scheer

November 18 & 19 (Fri & Sat) | 8pm

How do we know what's real? What happens to us when we die? How many jellybeans are in this jar? In An Existential Sing-Along, Doppelskope aggressively answers none of these questions. Instead, they use puppetry, clown, magic and music to celebrate the obsessions, anxieties and uncertainties that we all share.

An Existential Sing-Along is a bizarre, interactive comedy and the adult puppet show you didn't know you needed. There are also free cookies.


Ora Fruchter is a Brooklyn-based puppeteer, performer, director, and educator. She enjoys collaborating with other musicians, clowns, and puppeteers to create highly visual theatre pieces, finding humor and lightness in dark themes and incorporating live music and actors along with puppets and objects. She is the artistic director of Yellow Sneaker Puppets and co-founder of Doppelskope.

Christopher Scheer is a former prize-winning rabbit breeder who was once mistaken for Banksy by the NY Post. Recently, he also placed first in a drag competition in the capital of Vermont. Chris creates theatre as a puppeteer, magician, clown, and acrobat and is a resident actor at Lost Nation Theater, New Jersey Repertory Company and Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre. As one of Doppelskope's co-founders, Chris is involved in most Doppelskope projects as both a writer and a performer.


White Like Me:
Paul Zaloom

Tower Auditorium, MassArt
October 21 & 22 (Fri & Sat) | 8pm