A timely response to the current loaded discussion about race in America.

It’s the year 2040, and White Man discovers that he is now an American minority. Join political satirist and puppeteer Paul Zaloom on an outrageous mission to downgrade the status of Planet Caucazoid and blast White Privilege to the far reaches of the galaxy.

You’ll laugh ‘til you cry
— The New York Times

Created with Lynn Jeffries

Oct 21 & 22
(FRI & Sat) | 8pm

Tower Auditorium, MassArt
621 Huntington Ave., Boston
MBTA Longwood Stop (E Line)

Recommended for adults and teens 13+.

Take actionLearn more in the White People Challenging Racism Course or visit Community Change, Inc. for resources on racial justice activism in Boston. 

ABOUT THE SHOW: Zaloom introduces Mr. Butch Manly, an old school ventriloquist dummy, who has been packed away in a box for 50 years. As he updates the dummy on current affairs – particularly race relations – Butch learns that things are not quite what they seem in 2016. Zaloom is forced to confront his own prejudices, as the wickedly sarcastic doll exposes his self-righteousness, liberal guilt, and hypocrisy.

The show segues into The Adventures of White-Man, a toy theater spectacle about the male Caucasian human. Under orders from God, White-Man leaves his home planet of Caucazoid, arrives on Earth and ''civilizes'' it, becomes the philanthropist Santa Claus, kicks ''aliens'' out of Arizona, and finally realizes with shock that white folks will become a minority in the U.S. in 2040. What will White-Man do?

The puppet cast is drawn from Zaloom’s enormous collection of weird junk, busted dolls, action figures, toy cars, random tchotchkes, and other charming debris. 

This is not the first time taxpayer dollars have gone to fund questionable puppet shows.
— Sen. John McCain

Click here to watch a short video from "White Like Me: A Honky Dory Puppet Show."

ABOUT THE PERFORMER: Called ''one of the most original and talented political satirists working in the theater'' by the New York Times, Paul Zaloom is an OBIE-winning puppeteer, filmmaker, actor, and performance artist who has written, designed and performed 15 solo spectacles, including Fruit of Zaloom, Zaloominations, Sick But True, The Mother of All Enemies, and White Like Me. A recipient of an OBIE, a BESSIE, an American Theater Wing design award, an L.A. Weekly Theater Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship, Zaloom is also known for his role as the wild and wooly scientist Beakman on the science education cult classic, Beakman's World.



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