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by Puzzle Theater

March 2 (Fri) | 8pm
March 3 (Sat) | 8pm
$15 / $10 Puppets at Night Members

A being without a name or face sets off on life's mysterious journey. Using masterful movement and the simplest of materials, the internationally acclaimed Puzzle Theater delivers a wordless, poetic tribute to the beauty and fragility of existence. 

Recommended for adults and all ages 10 and up. 


Founded in 1996 in Bulgaria and established in Montreal since 2004, Puzzle Theater has a unique style, combining various traditional and contemporary aesthetics: drama, object theater, and puppet theatre. Puzzle Theater has created shows for both families and adults, and their work leaves the audience the freedom to interpret the unmentioned, to freely associate ideas, and to feel what is not explicitly told. The company has toured internationally, and was recently featured at the Chicago International Puppetry Festival.