Last Chance To Support This Year

Dear Friends,

As President of Puppet Showplace Theatre's Board of Trustees, I am a dedicated supporter of "New England's Puppet Theatre." As our fiscal year comes to a close we would like to send a special thank you to everyone who could celebrate with us for our 38th birthday as New England's only continuously running puppet theatre. All you puppet fans helped raise over $6,000 at our birthday gala event! You continually help make Puppet Showplace Theatre a success.

- Adam Courville, 
President PST Board of Trustees

For those of you who couldn't make it, it's not too late to celebrate with us. With our fundraising target being $37,000 we only need an additional $4,000 by June 30th to ensure our goal for the fiscal year. We only have three days left until our fundraising closes so we hope you consider making a donation of any size to help build a large impact. 

As always we strive to promote and present the magical world of puppet theatre to a broad community in order to educate and enlighten audiences of all ages. We are optimistic that you do too. Thank you for all your support and stick around for all the fun we have in store for you in the future at Puppet Showplace Theatre!

The Brookline Arts Center's Palette Project

This spring, as they get ready for a big Spring fundraiser gala coming up this weekend, our friends at the Brookline Arts Center have created a town-wide art show.

Artists' palettes donated by more than 100 artists have been displayed throughout the town: each is designed by a Brookline talent, and will be available in a silent auction.

The Puppet Showplace's own Artist-in-Residence, Brad Shur, added his talents, creating a whimsical puppet inspired character. Apparently this green little guy has made many friends at The Children's Bookstore in Brookline Village where he's been on display.

You can bid on Brad's palette at the Children's Bookstore or at the BAC's fundraiser event, Color Your World Gala, this Saturday. Visit BAC's website for details.

Save the Date

The EVENING OF PUPPETRY is May 1st. Please join us for this celebration of puppetry and the Puppet Showplace Theatre.

And if you're in the mood for rabbits this weekend, check out Artist in Residence Brad Shur's "The Carrot Salesman" Saturday at 1pm and 3pm.

(Note: we will be closed on Sunday in observance of Easter.)