By Théâtre des Petites Âmes (Theater of the Little Souls)
December 5, 6, and 7 (Thurs - Sat) | 10:30 am


Join artists from Québec on a whimsical journey in this internationally-acclaimed show about the power of imagination!

Three strangers have received an invitation from Ogo. Hoping for an adventure, they wait and wait, but Ogo never shows up. What starts out as boring becomes an exciting opportunity for play and discovery. Ogo is a tribute to the kindness, curiosity, and creativity that are unleashed when we have nothing to do but wait. The show celebrates the imagination of young spectators and is accompanied by live music on the harmonica, melodia, kalimbola and xylophone. Recommended for ages 2 to 6.




Since 2008, Théâtre des Petites Âmes has been creating theatrical puppet performances for young children ages 2 ½ and up.  Isabelle Payant, the artistic director loves to tell stories and every show develops a strong visual language that appeals to the young and older souls. Theatre des Petites Âmes believes that young children they need to be near the performance because not only do they see a show, they feel a show, they vibrate with the music and voice.  Puppet theatre enables Isabelle to develop environments where scales are transformed, where the small becomes immense and the large not so frightening.  Our wish is that coming to our theatre makes them want to come back! Theatre des Petites Âmes builds original piece because we love new stories and there has to be a first before we consider them as classics.  We build our own classics!

Over the past eleven years, the two directors Isabelle Payant and Stephane Guy, along with a team of wonderful creators and artists have developed 6 originals shows. Isabelle Payant is on stage with all the projects and with her teammates, she has performed the more than1050 times in five languages and seven countries, always for the youngest audiences.


Thank you to the Quebec Government Office in Boston for supporting this production!