Fundamentals of Silly Voices

Instructor: Brenda Huggins and Bella Monster

Sunday July 8, 2-5:00pm

Cost: $50 ($35 for Puppets at Night Members )

Discover all of the characters hiding within your vocal cords! This fun and interactive class invites participants to explore their own vocal ranges and while learning techniques for breath support, projection, and vocal health maintenance. Group activities will explore vocal properties such as resonance, pitch, and timbre, allowing everyone to build a solid understanding of the fundamentals of vocal manipulation. From these core concepts, we'll make exciting connections between voice, character, and storytelling. Finally, everyone will have a chance to make unique characters come alive by combining their voices with multiple styles of puppet and object theater.

This class is recommended for anyone interested in expanding their repertoire of expressive character voices, from professional performers to puppet and theater enthusiasts.

No previous voice training is necessary. Active physical and vocal participation in class is essential. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for creative success!

Register online or call the Box Office at: 617-731-6400 x101

Registration info: Class registration must be complete the Friday before a class begins and payment must be made in full.  Late enrollment is not permitted.  We are happy to do our best to accommodate all enrollees; so please communicate any special needs to our staff before registration to be sure that the class is right for you. Payment is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

Bella Monster and Brenda

About Brenda: Brenda L. Huggins is a theater and opera director, puppeteer, costume designer, actor, and singer with an M.A. in Theater Education from Emerson College, and B.A. degrees in Music (Classical Voice) and Theater Arts from Western Connecticut State University. As a passionate teaching artist, her background in classical vocal music inspired the development of a unique approach to voice performance that is a combination of techniques from across music and theatre disciplines. Brenda has taught this innovative pedagogy in the Greater Boston Area for the last 9 years as a private voice teacher and workshop instructor for youth, college students, and adults working with the M.I.T. Shakespeare Ensemble, Emerson College, Boston Urban College, Puppet Showplace Theater, and the Wheelock Family Theater. Brenda also led a workshop of this cross-discipline technique at the National Puppetry Festival. As a puppeteer, Brenda is the voice of Bella Bella Monster, and is the co-creator of Puppet Showplace Theater's "Puppet Playtime," an interactive puppetry performance series with live music for very young audiences. She has performed at venues including Boston First Night Festival, Outside the Box Festival, the Boston Children's Museum, Cambridge River Fest, the Hubbub Festival, local school and libraries, and many others. She currently resides in New York City where she is the Learning and Leadership Manager for OPERA America.