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Heroes and Tricksters

Tall Tales:
Stories and Songs from Old New England

by Brad Shur and Chris Monti

Memorial Day weekend!
Thursday May 26 - Monday May 30


Have you ever wanted to sing along with a sea shanty? Or dive deep into a fox's den? Then come along on this whirlwind tour of New England's tallest tales! Along the way, you'll help the residents of Cheshire, MA make the world's largest wheel of cheese, sail the ocean with the legendary giant sailor Alfred Bulltop Stormalong, and meet a very fashionable bear by the name of Jenny Jenkins. Drawing from three hundred years of stories, songs, and local history, there is sure to be something for everyone in this fun and interactive show!

African Adventure Tales

by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre

Thursday June 2 - Saturday June 4


Two folktales from Africa come to life in this vibrant new production. In “Koi and the Kola Nuts,” the youngest son of a tribal chief only receives one small kola nut tree as an inheritance instead of his father's riches. On his travels, he meets a snake, a crocodile, and a colony of ants, all in need of the one thing Koi has: kola nuts. Koi's kindness to the creatures he meets is later rewarded when their help saves his life. Then, the trickster Anansi eats his way into a melon and, finding himself too full to get back out, fools the other animals into believing that the melon itself can talk. Spectacular scenery and skillful storytelling make this a must-see performance.

The Swan

by Le Théâtre de Deux Mains (Quebec)

Thursday June 9 - Saturday June 11


Based on ''The Ugly Duckling'' by Hans Christian Andersen, ''The Swan'' tells the story of a lost little bird looking for its parents. A fisherman comes across a single egg in a pond. Suddenly, two little feet come popping out of the egg and begin waddling toward the nearest henhouse. A chicken, chicks, ducks, and owls… none of these birds look anything like him. He wanders over to a puddle to look at his own reflection hoping for an idea about his origins. He follows the clues he finds and overcomes obstacles to meet his true family. This stunningly beautiful non-verbal show features multiple styles of puppetry, breathtaking scenery, and delightful original music. A perfect choice for our youngest audiences! 

Chanticleer the Rooster

by Magical Moonshine Theatre

Thursday June 16 - Saturday June 18


Chanticleer the Rooster is happy in the barnyard, until a dream warns him that the fox is on the loose. When the clever fox finally manages to catch Chanticleer, all of the other animals band together to help him escape in an exciting and hilarious chase through the meadows. Chanticleer learns a valuable lesson about vanity and the importance of helping others. This lively story, inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, is told with puppets, live music, and lots of audience participation.


Grandparents Event: 
Ice Cream Social

Saturday, June 18 at 1pm

All patrons who attend the 1pm performance of “Chanticleer the Rooster” on Saturday, June 18 are invited to stay after the show for a FREE ice cream social to celebrate the end of the school year.


Hansel and Gretel

by National Marionette Theatre

Wednesday July 6 - Saturday July 9


The story of Hansel and Gretel has captured audiences' imaginations for generations. National Marionette Theatre's adaptation of this classic tale brings the Grimm brothers' story to life with exquisitely crafted marionettes, scrolling scenery, and the beautiful music of Engelbert Humperdinck. Audiences of all ages will cheer on this brother-and-sister team as they navigate the dark woods, outsmart the witch (by turning her into a giant cookie!), and finally get reunited with their family.


Free Summer
Open House

Saturday July 9, 11:30am - 2:30pm

All ages event: free refreshments and puppet-making activities.

Lollipops for Breakfast

by Bonnie Duncan, The Gottabees

Wednesday July 13 - Saturday July 16


Everyone knows you can’t have lollipops for breakfast! But today, Sylvie decides she’s going to break that rule, even if it means she has to make her own amazingly perfect lollipop from scratch. Come along as she and her trusty pet bird search for missing ingredients, wrestle with giant candy machines, and get lost in a magical pop-up cookbook. "Lollipops for Breakfast" is a wildly imaginative ode to children’s boundless creativity. The performance, told entirely without words, features multiple styles of puppetry, original music, acrobatics, and lots of audience participation.

Help Save the Monkey

by Brave Bucket Company

Wednesday July 20 - Saturday July 23


8-year-old Howard and 80-year-old Lillian must rush to save a monkey who is about to land on Earth from outer space. Their friendship helps them overcome obstacles and self-doubts as they travel through tunnels, fly through the air, and sneak past dangerous lasers. Will they make it in time? Find out in this sublimely silly show featuring skillful puppetry, original music, hilarious dance breaks, and plenty of fake mustaches.

Word Play

by Good Hearted Entertainment

Wednesday July 27 - Saturday July 30


"Word Play" uses clowning and puppetry to take audiences on an adventure through the alphabet. Words come to life in the hands of two skilled performers, who clown around with sounds and colorful puppet letters to create dozens of dynamic, interactive characters and imaginative scenes. Audiences can make friends with vowels, teach tricks to a “C-A-T” and “D-O-G,” and visit a Word Zoo full of surprises. It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment—a play on words, literally!

Cardboard Explosion!

by Brad Shur, Resident Artist

Wednesday August 3 - Saturday August 6


Join us for a one-of-a-kind puppetry experience! “Cardboard Explosion!” brings five original stories to life using nothing but cardboard and the power of your imagination. With help from the audience, puppeteer Brad Shur transforms simple cardboard shapes into elaborate puppet characters, then brings them to life right before your eyes. Get ready to outsmart dragons, choose-your-own superpower, and train adorable animal sidekicks in this fun, energetic, participatory show.

The Pirate, the Princess, and the Pea

by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre

Wednesday August 10 - Saturday August 13


Come along on a thrilling voyage chock full of sea monsters, shipwrecks, and mistaken pirate/princess identities. A pirate and a princess are on a treasure hunt, searching for the same clues. The princess stays one step ahead by tricking the pirate at every turn. But when the princess is in danger from a giant octopus, she quickly discovers the benefit of having a loyal crew! Featuring colorful scenery, multiple styles of puppetry, and original pirate songs, you won't want to miss the boat on this fun adventure tale!

Stories from Outer Space

by Sparky's Puppets

Saturday August 20


Get ready to blast off in this fun and interactive space-themed show, featuring cosmic twists on your favorite tales. In the featured story, three colorful space aliens travel to earth in their flying saucer. They visit the shop of a hard-working toy maker, intent on creating mischief. But the clever shopkeeper uses three magic wishes to outwit them. Other tales will complete the program, including “A Trip to the Moon,” in which a clever kitten makes a rocket ship and receives several magic gifts from The Man in the Moon.

Galapagos George

by Barefoot Puppets

Saturday August 27 - Sunday August 28


Meet George, a giant Galapagos tortoise, as he grows up in a world filled with sea turtles, lizards, hungry goats, and dancing blue-footed birdies. This puppet production, called an “uplifting eco-fable” by the Smithsonian Museum, is inspired by the true story of the last remaining Galapagos tortoise and the islands he calls home. Audiences of all ages will be touched by this story that teaches what it truly means to be one of a kind!