The Midnight Zoo

At Franklin Park Zoo: Thursday - Sunday, Sept. 30-Oct. 30, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m

This fall, under the light of the autumn moon, discover a secret corner of Franklin Park Zoo that is home to a mysterious, mystical world. The Midnight Zoo surrounds visitors with never-before-seen creatures from the farthest realms of the imagination. Wind your way through the darkness as the woods come alive in this 360-degree immersive experience. Elaborate costumes, masterful design, and moonlit surprises await you in this haunted habitat featuring over 20 fantastical creatures ranging in size from tiny to over 8 feet tall.

Bring the family for a night of spooky fun and experience puppetry like never before!

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Brad Shur, Creative Director and Lead Designer
Roxanna Myhrum, Producer and Stage Director

Puppet Designers and FABRICATORS

Penny Benson, Giant and Baby Higgoth
Ronald Binion, Storm-Wing Oranx
Cedwan Hooks, Wolly Nyarlieg
Kristin Cunniff, Greater Rutach
Bryan Papciak, Aquatic Shadow Creatures
Sally Moore, Bug Beasts
Big Nazo Labs, Kawlish Bloodbeast
Christine Dempsey, Hatchlings
Douglas Cowell, Hatchery
Brad Shur, Swamp G'Tulok, Tiny Beasts, Two-Headed Kekru
Jim Sedgwick, Tiny Beasts


Kristen Connolly, Costume Designer
Andrew Duncan Will, Sound Designer
Chris Bocchiaro, Lighting Designer
Sean Pieroth, Asst. Lighting Designer / Master Electrician
Joseph "Puppy" Wight, Scenic Carpenter
Kristin Cunniff, Scenic Painter


Amanda Gibson
Nicholas Stillman
Elizabeth Pattyn



Honey Goodenough
Brian Savage
Julio Robles
Spencer Cohen
Scotty Swan
Michelle Finston
Jim Sedgwick
Jacob Schachter
Harry LaCoste

Billy Jenkins
Awet Teame
Raya Malcolm
Amanda Gibson
Caitlin Brzezinski
Amanda Bowman
Libby Schap
Christine Dempsey
Spencer Garfield

Deniz Khateri
Brenda Ray
Alex Deroo
Michael Blunt
Sam Terry
Kevin Morris
Douglas Cowell
Amanda Hurley
Lisa Joyce



Samantha Layco, Production Stage Manager
Aubrie Kimble, Stage Manager
Spencer Cohen, Production Assistant
Rachel Roccoberton, Administrative Associate


Ali Witten, Sofia Ortiz, Francois Brochet, Caroline Carton, Ian Thorsell, Patrick Finn
The Franklin Park Zoo