Incubator: New Works by Local Artists

Puppet Showplace supports the development of world premiere puppetry productions by local artists. Incubator puppeteers become part of a supportive artistic community and receive rehearsal space, a materials stipend, and fiscal sponsorship for outside funding. They also participate in peer reviews and periodic works-in-progress showings. Incubator projects culminate in January and February with extended runs for youth and family audiences during the “New Year! New Shows!” series.

Incubator applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you are interested in developing a production through the Incubator program, please send a statement of interest, work sample, and initial production proposal to artistic director Roxanna Myhrum at

2018-2019 Incubator Productions

Judy in Alligator Mouth.jpg

Judy Saves the Day!

by Sarah Nolen, Resident Artist

January 12-27, 2019

Inspiring stories spring to life in this feisty, modern, hilarious show. First, when a bumbling King gets stuck in the bathtub, plumbers save the kingdom and live to tell the tale. Then, after being pushed around for over 200 years, the famous hand puppet heroine Judy has had enough! Cheer her on as she goes on a quest for respect, justice, and a well-deserved nap. Short pop-up performances in between acts put Sarah Nolen's hand-crafted humor on display.


Go Home Tiny Monster

by The Gottabees

February 2-18, 2019

One day, Sylvie and her family of handcrafted creatures suddenly find themselves in need of a new home. Luckily, they have an audience full of people who can help them out. “Go Home Tiny Monster” features The Gottabees’ trademark mix of puppetry, joyously absurd silliness, physical theater, live music, and surprising poignancy. 

Past Incubator Productions:

  • The Fairy Tailor by Sarah Nolen, Puppet Showplace Resident Artist (2018)

  • The Bremen Town Musicians by CactusHead Puppets (2018)

  • I Spy Butterfly by Faye Dupras and Max Weigert (2017)

  • Word Play by Honey Goodenough, Good Hearted Entertainment (2016)

  • Cardboard Explosion by Brad Shur, Puppet Showplace Resident Artist (2016)

  • Lollipops for Breakfast by Bonnie Duncan, The Secret Agents (2015)

  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin by CactusHead Puppets (2015)

  • The Great Red Ball Rescue by Faye Dupras, Foreign Landscapes Productions (2014)

  • Robin Hood by Brad Shur, Puppet Showplace Resident Artist (2014)

  • Squirrel Stole My Underpants by Bonnie Duncan, The Secret Agents (2013)

  • Tall Tales: Stories and Songs from Old New England by Brad Shur and Chris Monti (2013)

The Incubator program is supported by a generous gift from the Sakharoff Family Trust, given in honor of Micheline Sakharoff.