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Upcoming MAINSTAGE ShowS


The Great Red Ball Rescue

by Faye Dupras

July 26 - 29 (Wed - Sat) | 10:30am & 1pm


Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog

by Mesner Puppet Theater

August 2 - 5 (Wed - Sat) | 10:30am & 1pm



Puppet Showplace SLAM!

Boston's Only Puppet Cabaret

July 29 (Sat) | 8pm


My Grandfather's Prayers

by Lisa Sturz, Red Herring Puppets

August 12 (Sat) | 8pm
August 13 (Sun) | 3pm

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Puppet Showplace Theater is dedicated to presenting outstanding professional puppetry to diverse audiences through performances, workshops, and community outreach activities.

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