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Animal Autumn

The Frog Prince and Other Frogs

by Perry Alley Theatre

Sept 21-22 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


Puppetry, music, and storytelling combine in this hilarious production about the wonderful world of Frogs. In "Frog, He Did a Courtin' Go," Mr. Frog does his best to marry Miss Mousie and avoid getting swallowed by a snake. Then, an enterprising frog attempts to replace the Big Bad Wolf in a very silly version of "Little Red Riding Hood." In "Frog and Eggplant," a magical spirit allows a dreary frog to trade places with...a vegetable. Finally, in “The Frog Prince,” an enchanted frog helps a very nearsighted Princess to finally see things clearly. Lots of live music and audience interaction make this production a fun, froggy experience!


by Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets

Sept 28-29 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


A newly-formed butterfly, a wriggling tadpole, a soaring eagle, a school of fish. Ecological systems and endangered animals all come to life in the internationally-acclaimed show "Animalia," exploring the wonder and beauty of the animal kingdom. Puppeteer Hobey Ford breaks out of the traditional puppet booth, turning the whole theater into his performance stage, as animals swoop over the audience with realistic movement. The enchanting, wordless performance is set to lively music. Don't miss this inspiring show, rarely performed in the Northeast!

Sock Monkey Circus

by Good Hearted Entertainment

October 5-6 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


Get ready to monkey around with the silliest circus you've ever seen! This performance features the magical talents of host "Funny Honey" and her clever monkeys, who are trained to juggle, dance, and swing on a flying trapeze. No matter how hard she tries, the monkeys outsmart Funny Honey every time. With masterful marionettes, lots of laughs, and audience interaction, Sock Monkey Circus is a delight for our youngest audiences.

Sir George and the Dragon

by Pumpernickel Puppets

October 12-13 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm
October 14 (Mon) | 10:30 am & 1:00 pm


Join an adventurous princess as she journeys to Mystery Mountain to visit the Great Green Dragon. Along the way you'll meet Zelda the babysitter, Sir George and his clumsy dog, and of course, a lovable dragon. Everything ends happily in this fun and festive fairy tale about the unlikeliest of friends. Then, get ready to move and groove with Pumpernickel's extraordinary walk-around puppets who will bring a swing to your step and a smile to your face!

Members-Only Event!
Fairy Tale Tea Party

October 14 (Mon) | 2:00 pm

Join us after ''Sir George and the Dragon'' for a Fairy Tale-inspired tea party exclusively for Puppet Showplace Members. Dress up in your best tea party attire, or come dressed as your favorite fairy tale character. Enjoy complimentary refreshments and see a sneak-preview of our newest puppet show!

Legend of the Snow Queen

by Puppet Bucket Productions

October 19-20 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


Friendship, magic, and adventure take the stage in this fantastical production celebrating compassion and kindness. Gerda sets off on a journey to save her friend Kai, who has vanished mysteriously. Aided with an enchanted sword, she enters into a magical realm, where a misfit group of creatures helps her to harness the power of her own unique gifts. Will her warmth and kindness be enough to melt the Snow Queen's heart? Find out in this epic new show, featuring gorgeous action-figure inspired puppets, original music, and a skillful team of puppeteers.

The Fairy Tailor

by Sarah Nolen, Resident Artist

October 26-27 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


Meet the Fairy Tailor, hard at work in her enchanted shop, where dressing racks and laundry baskets are known to have a mind of their own. Watch as she transforms everyday garments into extraordinary characters, and shares stories of bravery, from “Little Red Riding Hood(ie),” to “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” With the audience’s help, the Fairy Tailor summons the courage to take a stand against a giant, crafting a solution that combines cleverness with creativity. This whimsical, interactive production is guaranteed to inspire audiences of all ages.

Raccoon Tales

created by Paul Vincent Davis
performed by Brad Shur

October 31-November 1 (Thurs-Fri) | 10:30 am
November 2-3 (Sat-Sun) | 1:00 & 3:00 pm


"Raccoon Tales" features three humorous vignettes inspired by Native American just-so stories: "How the Fox and the Raccoon Trick Each Other," "Why the Blue Jay is Blue and the Gray Wolf Isn’t," and "Why the Bear has a Stumpy Tail." Along the way, we'll meet lots of animal characters, from a beautiful blue jay to a bumbling bear. Each story is brought to life with beautifully-designed hand puppets and scenery originally created by Master Puppeteer Paul Vincent Davis.