Field Trips

Field trips are a fun way to bring curriculum to life!

We can suggest a variety of shows that will be age- and topic-appropriate for your students. Contact the Box Office for detailed recommendations.

Curriculum Connections

Our mainstage shows are recommended for pre-k through 5th grade. Performances highlight:

• Stories, art, literature, and music from around the world
• Dramatic arts, and both verbal and non-verbal expression
• Visual design, construction, and engineering
• Values such as sharing, teamwork, friendship, bravery, and environmental conservation


School groups of 20 or more qualify for discounted ticket prices of $9.00 per attendee ($10 during premium/vacation weeks).  Other discounts may be available to schools who qualify.  A private show may be scheduled for $575 - $750 based on how many students are attending.

How to book a field trip

Visit the theater’s online show calendar for a list of upcoming performances and showtimes. Weekday showtimes are at 10:30am during the school year, and at 10:30am and 1:00pm during most of the summer.  A private show may also be arranged most days of the week.

Each puppet show is different and varies in theme, style, and age recommendation. Consult our online schedule or call the box office for details about each performance.

To book a field trip to Puppet Showplace, call our box office today at (617) 731-6400 x101
or e-mail

Subsidized tickets for low-income and underserved populations

The Mary Churchill Memorial Fund is a ticket subsidy program that serves low-income and underserved populations.

Please complete this application in order to be considered for a subsidy. The application must be complete in order to be eligible. Applications must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the field trip. 

MCMF Field trip subsidy application

Name *
Please indicate how many are for children (12 and under) and how many for adults.
Please list up to 3 dates or titles in order of preference.
Does your organization serve at-risk, low-income, or disadvantaged youth? Please describe, providing specific data when applicable.
Please describe any connections to your curriculum or organizational mission.
You may write the amount you can afford per ticket, or the amount of a flat fee. If you are requesting a full subsidy, write “0”.
May we take a photograph of your students at the theater?