Fascinating Oddities in the Puppet Store

It was a dark and stormy morning in Brookline when a knock came upon the door.
"Who is it?" the PST box office staff meekly inquired.
"Tis I, the UPS Man" came the bellowing reply.
With great caution the PST staff opened the door and beckoned the UPS Man in to the lobby. There he stood clutching a largeish parcel in his begloved hands.
"What's in th-th-the b-b-box?" the staff stuttered
"I'm going to go out on a limb here" the UPS Man ventured "and guess that it is puppets." He pressed the parcel into the waiting arms of the store manager "Sign here."

She signed there.

The UPS Man left with a flourish and what sounded like an insidious laugh (but it could have been a sneeze, that's been going around you know).
Once he was gone, the staff tore into the box with barely restrained glee. Puppets! We LOVE PUPPETS!
But these were no normal puppets. No! These were something far more sinister!
Glow in the dark flesh-eating zombie finger puppets!
Sqishey icky monster finger puppets!

"Put us in the store!" the puppets demanded in unison.
"We will put you in the store!" the PST staff relented.

And so, on a dark and stormy afternoon in Brookline, zombies, monsters, and nuns lined up on the PST store shelves. And there they wait for you... if you dare.