Happy Presidents' Day

What better way to celebrate President's Day than with finger puppets?  

We found this great kids' activity at kaboose.com.  

What you'll need:
-Blue and black construction paper
-Cellophane tape
-Lincoln-head penny
-Washington-head quarter

How to make it:
  1. Cut two three-inch squares, one from each of the construction sheet colors.
  2. Roll each square into a tube that will slip over your finger.  Secure the roll with tape.
  3. To make the Lincoln puppet, tape the penny to the black paper tube at roughly an inch below the top.
  4. Cut a thin rectangle from the black paper for the hat brim.  Tape the brim along the top of the head.
  5. To make the Washington puppet, tape the quarter to the top of the blue paper tube.
  6. Cut a one and a half inch square from the blue paper for the hat.
  7. fold the square in half, corner to corner, making a triangle.
  8. Cut a slit out of the center fold of the square to make an opening.  Once again fold the square in half, this time folding the opposite corner to corner, making a triangle.
  9. Slip the hat over the top of the tube finger puppet.
  10. Tape both halves of the triangle together.
Dress them up by adding details to the puppets using collage materials.  You might want to add a gold sequin medallion to Washington's hat, for example, and some white doily paper to the chin for a lace collar.  For Lincoln, try adding a shirt collar made from white paper, and some buttons.