The Dragon King is Coming June 13 & 14!

Tanglewood Marionettes is back at the Puppet Showplace Theatre the weekend of June 13 & 14 with their newest production: The Dragon King.

Join us for an underwater fantasy based on Chinese folklore that tells the tale of the fearless Grandmother who journeys to the bottom of the sea to meet the Dragon King, ruler of all things water. Grandmother seeks answers from the King as to why he has forsaken the land above during a terrible drought.

The show features colorful sea creatures (including a lively hermit crab, a timid octopus and illuminating jellyfish), inventive scenery, beautiful marionettes and puppets (including a Dragon King that will knock your socks off!) and an exciting, engrossing adventure.

These shows are sure to sell out fast! Call 617-731-6400 or click the link below to purchase tickets.