FREE Family Movie Nite 7/18 - Labyrinth!

If you are unfamiliar with this film and are unsure if it will be appropriate for your children, please watch the clip above. Many of the film's puppets are fantastical creatures like the goblins, gargoyles and others beyond description in this clip (not to mention big-haired David Bowie in tights). And though the puppets are, for the most part, goofy–and the good guys win in the end–not all of them are goofy and there are a lot of dark scenes.

Labyrinth is the story of
Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), her baby brother, and the Goblin King (Bowie). Sarah has to rescue her baby brother from the mean Goblin King before time runs out, but first has to navigate the Goblin King's confusing and confounding labyrinth! This film is one of Jim Henson's most fantastical movie creations.

The film is rated PG. We do not recommend this film for ages below 7.