More about… “A Woodland Cinderella” by Deborah Costine, Puppeteer!

Wednesday and Thursday | February 16 & 17 | 10:30AM

About the show: In this original version of Cinderella, the story takes place in the land of the Woodland Fairies. The King of all Woodland Fairies wants his son to marry a fairy princess, but they are very rare. So the King hosts a great ball and commands that every single young fairy maiden in the land must attend. He is hoping that the missing fern fairy princess will come, and he knows the secret to identifying a true fair princess. Will he find her? Come and find out!

Performed with hand puppets. This show is recommended for ages 3 & up.

About Deborah Costine, Puppeteer!: When Debbie was 10 years old, she made her first puppet. She had no idea how to go about it, but she made a papier mache puppet which sits in her puppet studio today!

Debbie designs and performs shows for young audiences, and was recently awarded an UNIMA Citation of Excellence for her show “Cinderella, A Woodland Fairy Princess”. The UNIMA Citation of Excellence is the highest honor in American puppetry.