Crabgrass Puppet Theatre Premieres "Smart & Small Conquers All"

"Smart & Small Conquers All" by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre

Wed, Thurs & Sat | July 6, 7 & 9 | 10:30am & 1pm


About this show: With beautiful puppets and their signature hilarious style, the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents for the first time at the Puppet Showplace Theatre this collection of tales from Africa, Asia and Europe that will inspire and enthrall children of all sizes. Can a tortoise win a tug of war with a mighty elephant? Can a tiny mouse help an enormous lion? Can a jackal outwit a terrifying tiger twice his size? Find out as Crabgrass Puppet Theatre travels around the globe to tell stories that show even the small and weak can have a big impact on the world. More about these stories:

Tug of War
From West Africa comes a story of arrogance and humility. The tortoise uses his intelligence to outsmart the elephant and the hippopotamus and show that he can pull his own weight – and theirs as well!

The Tiger, the Brahman and the Jackal
An Indian tale about trust and the importance of keeping your word. The clever jackal teaches the tiger a lesson in honesty and saves the Brahman’s life along the way.

The Lion and the Mouse

Aesop’s classic fable of friendship. The lion spares the mouse and in return the mouse saves the lion from the hunters. Even those small in stature can do great deeds.

About the performer: CRABGRASS PUPPET THEATRE is an award-winning touring puppet theatre founded in San Francisco in 1982 by Jamie Keithline and Bonny Hall. They have since delighted audiences across the nation with their whimsical humor and puppetry. Now residents of Halifax, Vermont, they continue to tour throughout the U.S., performing in schools, museums and theaters. In 2010, Irish puppeteer and actor (and UConn graduate) Fergus Walsh joined the company just in time to help create Haiku, HipHop and Hotdogs - Poetry Comes Alive, the newest show from Crabgrass. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre has twice been awarded the prestigious Citation of Excellence from the American Center of the Union Internationale de la Marionette (UNIMA-USA), the highest honor in American puppetry, in 2001 and again in 2005.

In 2008, Bonny Hall received a Commendation for Design in the Puppet Theatre from the Arlyn Award Foundation. They have given many thousands of performances in schools, libraries, museums, and arts festivals, and have performed at over two dozen regional, national and international puppetry festivals. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre's performing venues have included the World Trade Center, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the Philadelphia Museum, Paper Mill Playhouse, the North Carolina Museum, the New York State Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the California Academy of Sciences, the Detroit Institute for the Arts, and hundreds of schools, museums, and theaters across the country. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre continues to perform more than 200 shows each year, reaching over 100,000 people throughout the US. Check out their website to learn more.

"The stage was lovely - the puppets beautiful - it was excellent!"
. . . Mariposa Museum, Peterborough NH