PUPPET SHOWPLACE SLAM: Puppets for Adults!


Puppet Showplace Slam!
Saturday | July 23rd | 8 pm
$13/member or student, $15/general admission

Puppet Slam tickets always sell out, so BUY TICKETS HERE! or call the Box Office at 617-731-6400

About the Show: A puppet slam is an evening of short, varied, theatrical mini-plays for adults that use (or sometimes abuse) puppets for all or part of the drama. Each piece is performed by a different artist or artists, and the content can be wide-ranging; some are elegant or poignant, others are satiric, irreverent, or humorous, and still others can be passionate, political, or spiritual in nature. The performers range from the seasoned professional to the nascent puppeteer, and often include poets, musicians, dancers, mimes, actors, and other sundry affiliated artists.

Featured Performers:
Lorraine Gilman
Thomas Getchell
Woellert & Clark
Little's Creatures
....and MORE!

Confessions of a Slam Instigator
by Carl Weiting

Why Do Adults Need to See Live Puppet Shows?
Because the Internet can't heckle you back.
Because it's fun to see the soul of an old lady in a tomato.
Because if you watch talking furniture onstage it's less likely you will start talking to your own furniture.
Because the revolution is never over. Because it's fun to watch adults in a state of arrested development.
Because it's healthy to arrest your development for short periods of time.
Because nothing out of Hollywood can actually reach out and touch you.
Because old memories need to be kept young and new memories need to be made.
Because where else can you see 4,083 uses for felt & the common coat hanger.
Because even though you can't see the puppeteer's hands, you know what they are doing with them.
Because the world has too many televisions and not enough storytellers.
Because it's nice to know your trash is being put to good use.
Because instead of dumbing down, puppets smarten up their audience.
Because if you can't join 'em, beat 'em with a stick (says Mr. Punch).
Because the news doesn't run enough happy stories.
Because most puppets are actually smarter than most politicians.
Because the worries of the world never stop, but you can put them on hold till the end of the show.
Because why should kids have all the fun.

The next Slam is September 17th, but that's a long way off so come in and see what you think!