Winter Is Here

Let The Adventures Begin...

You might not know it with the weather we have been having but maybe your memories of a great Thanksgiving feast this past Thursday let you know, the winter season is upon us!

With that in mind Puppet Showplace Theatre is proud to present our winter season:“ Winter Puppet Adventures.” Puppets? Adventures? Exciting? You bet it is!!!!!! Our winter season will feature not only amazing holiday programing, but also shows featuring puppets from around the world. Now how cool is that?

This season, Puppet Showplace Theatre takes you to snowy lands for holiday fun, then around the globe with stories and puppetry styles from distant cultures. Puppetry is a world-wide art form, and we hope you enjoy this opportunity to explore the terrain. Engage your imaginations! We're ready to fly!

Ever wanted to see Chinese hand puppets? Japanese Noh style masks ? African Trickster Tales? You can experience this and more at PST through the winter. Check out our Calendar for the season on our Website. We offer puppet performances every week on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, with extra shows for the weeks of winter vacation.Lets be honest. It is gonna get cold out there. There is no better way to keep warm and entertained on a chilly day than to snuggle up with those you love and watch a puppet show!