Travelin' Jack & Company by Applause Unlimited

Travelin' Jack & Company
by Applause Unlimited

Jan 4 & 5 at 10:30am | Jan 7 & 8 at 1pm & 3pm

Happy 2012! Winter Puppet Adventures continues into the new year with Applause Unlimited's unique performance of american folk tales all week long. See you at the theatre!

About the show: An itinerant puppeteer with a hand puppet booth and a knack for tall tales entertains family audiences in this original show, much as puppeteers did in America's colonial days. Three American folk-tales are told with hand puppets by a single puppeteer who serves as both narrator and character in the show. Based on a Jack tale, a slave story-song, and a morality tale, these stories reflect the depth, scope, and humor of early American storytelling. The first story, "Foolish Jack", is a Jack tale about Jack's adventures when he first leaves home. The second story is the story of "Why Dogs Chase Cats". The final story is "A Bundle of Troubles" and, like most morality tales, teach us a valuable life lesson: count your blessings, not your troubles. As contemporary as it is classic, this show is a delight for the whole family.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.