Goldilocks visits PST!


Sat & Sun | March 3 & 4 | 1pm & 3pm

Magpie Puppets presents Goldilocks and the Three Bears - with a new ending!


About the show: We all know the story—Goldilocks stumbles upon an empty house, gobbles up porridge, breaks a chair, and takes a snooze. She’s awakened by three bears and runs home to her mother. In the Magpie Puppets version, her mother is horrified—not by the bears, but by her daughter’s poor manners! She sends Goldilocks back to apologize, bearing blueberry pancakes and a promise of chair repair. In a departure for Magpie Puppets, this is a tabletop(s) show, with puppeteer Maggie Whalen fully visible. Audience members do aerobics with Mama Bear and help the bears with household chores.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the performer: Magpie Puppets is a one-woman hand puppet theater consisting of Maggie Whalen. Performing puppet shows for children since 1969, she founded Poor People's Puppets in NYC in 1971 which performed in its own storefront theater from 1971-1974. She has also worked with other New England puppeteers: Vermont's Bread & Puppet Theatre and New York's Theater in the New City. Besides performing, Maggie also teaches puppet-making workshops at schools, community centers, and Club Med.