You're Never Too Old to Learn About Puppets!


Glove Puppetry Boot Camp
July 9th-30th, Mon nights, 6:30-8:30pm

Puppets and Play-Making In the Classroom
July 22nd-Aug 12th, Sun afternoons, 

Both run 4 Sessions, for ages 16+
$125/class (PST Members save 10%!) 
For more information, or to register, check out Our Website!

PST is proud to offer two new classes this summer for puppeteers, educators, parents, and anyone else curious about puppetry! Also, PST is in the process of applying to be a certified PDP provider for Massachusetts school teachers!  Call for updates, 617-731-6400 x 201.

The first, Glove Puppetry Boot Camp, will be led by our Artist in Residence Brad Shur.  

Starting with basic exercises for manual dexterity and building towards complete character-based scenes, participants will acquire the movement vocabulary that allows their hands to express almost any emotion or action.

The second, Puppets and Play-Making in  the Classroom, will be led by Brenda Huggins. Learn more/buy tickets

Participants will learn how to use puppetry to facilitate character-based creative improvisation in the classroom, leading towards the development of scene-based dramatic scripts. In this step-by-step professional development series, participants will gain experience through hands-on craft activities, learning how to teach the basics of storytelling and puppetry to grades pre-k to 5th grade.

We are always looking to enhance our educational influence, and we have a goal to provide beneficial classes for educators.  A participant of previous a class at PST comments "These techniques could be applied over a whole host of projects."  Another said "Brenda was excellent!  She really took the time to mentor/critique and help us in every aspect... I feel that I learned a lot, gained confidence, and had a wonderful time." 

We are proud of the positive learning experiences that we have provided in the past, and welcome you to take part in these upcoming classes!