Kids Ages 7-12 Learn from Master Puppeteer!


August 20th-24th
Ages 7-12
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PST is so excited about our upcoming camp in August!  So excited in fact, that we want to introduce you to the wonderful master puppeteer who will be teaching for the week:

Who is the puppet master?
Jacek Zuzanski will be the man behind the puppets leading this one-week camp for kids ages 7-12.

Where is Jacek from?
Jacek is from Poland, where there is a strong tradition of puppetry! In Poland, there are many professional theaters that produce shows for children. He has studied several types of theatre, including, you guessed it, puppetry. His diverse education and experience makes him a captivating educator. 

What makes Jacek a master puppeteer?
Jacek earned his MFA from The Ludwik Solski’s State Theatre School in Krakow, Poland, and obtained The Ministry for Art and Culture’s Stage Directing Certificate. He is a theatre artist and certified acting teacher with over 30 years experience! Since coming to the US in 2001 he has cooperated with numerous schools, art organizations, and libraries. He is now the founder, designer, leading performer, and director of Dream Tale Puppets.

Why is Jacek so excited to lead this camp?
Jacek is an enthusiastic teacher who believes in the importance of strengthening imagination. Concerning his work with Dream Tale Puppets, Jacek has said, "We believe in the value of asking questions, as children do, and in the inquisitive creativity found in children’s play. By emulating the creative improvisations of children’s play, we learn traditional theatrical languages and we create new languages."

How will young minds benefit from this camp?
In this camp, Jacek will focus on fostering children's creativity while teaching them tools that they can use to express themselves. From voice acting and storytelling to hand puppet techniques and team puppetry, the skills taught in this class are centered on learning to communicate--all through the fun of puppets!  

Register today to learn from the master! Call the Brookline Rec Department today at 617-730-2069. Only 15 spots available. Sign up early to guarantee your spot!