Fall Fairytale Festival 2012 Kick-Off Weekend!

2nd Annual Fall Fairytale Festival
2012-2013 Season Kick-Off Event
this Labor Day Weekend at PST!

Cinderella by Tanglewood Marionettes
Sat & Sun | Sept 1 & 2 | 1pm & 3pm

Join us this weekend for a very special celebration of mythical stories and fantasy lands! The 2nd Annual Fall Fairytale Festival at Puppet Showplace Theatre Kick's off this Labor Day weekend with complementary refreshments provided by Whole Foods Brighton, a special guest balloon-animal artist, and other fun activities! Get ready for a magical time at PST!

About the Festival: (September 1 through October 14) Castles, giants, woodland fairies, talking frogs... do you love fairytales as much as we do? We are proud to once again kick off our season with the annual Fall Fairytale Festival. Experience classics like Cinderella and The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen while discovering original adaptations like Jack Tuesday: Fairytale Investigator. We’ve fit more beanstalks, princesses, and house-building pigs than you can imagine onto our stage.

About the show: Set in the eighteenth century and featuring a dozen lavishly costumed 30” marionettes, this production of "Cinderella" is a Tanglewood Marionettes showpiece. The story unfolds as the pages of a giant book open to reveal each beautifully painted setting--the village square, the rustic kitchen, the magnificent ballroom, plus many more (one of our scenes even “pops” right out of the book!). All your favorite characters are here, from gentle Cinderella to the bumptious stepsisters and the charming Prince, and each marionette is manipulated with precision and grace by our talented puppeteers. Our telling is based on the original beloved tale, but we do offer a few new surprises: Cinderella’s method of conveyance to the ball is NOT your traditional coach-and-four, and, when all hope seems lost, a clever little bluebird saves the day for Cinderella. A classic fairy tale told with wit and style, Tanglewood Marionettes’ production of "Cinderella" is sure to please audiences of all ages.

About the performer:  Peter Schaefer was born into a family of puppeteers and has been performing with hand puppets, rod puppets and marionettes since he was a child. After refining his skills with a local puppet company for several years, Peter purchased a marionette show from a retiring Boston puppeteer and launched his own company: Mountain Marionettes. After touring nationally for two years, in 1993 Peter decided to join with a fellow puppeteer and form a new company: Tanglewood Marionettes.  Over his career, Peter has brought his unique marionette artistry to hundreds of thousands of children and families across the country! 

Performance Schedule
(Sept 1 - October 14)

The Magic Of Hans Christian Andersenby Applause Unlimited

Cinderella by Tanglewood Marionettes
September 1 & 2 | 1pm & 3pm
Marionettes. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

Jack Tuesday: Fairytale Investigator  PST PREMIERE!
by Lionheart Puppet Company
September 8 & 9 | 1pm & 3pm 
Hand and Rod Puppets. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre 
September 15 & 16 | 1pm & 3pm
September 17 | 10:30am & 1pm
Mixed styles. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

The Three Little Pigs by WonderSpark Puppets
Sept 22 & 23 | 1pm & 3pm
Three Little Pigs by Wonderspark Puppets
Mixed styles. Recommended for ages 3 & up. 

The Frog Prince by Pumpernickel Puppets 
September 29 & 30 | 1pm & 3pm
Hand puppets. Recommended for ages 3 & up.

The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen
by Applause Unlimited
October 5 | 10:30am & 3pm October 6 & 7 | 1pm & 3pm
October 8 | 10:30am & 1pm
Mixed styles. Recommended for ages 4 & up. 

A Woodland Cinderella by Deborah Costine, Puppeteer! 
October 12 | 10:30am October 13 & 14 | 1pm & 3pm
Hand Puppets. Recommended for ages 3 & up.