The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen coming to PST


The Emperor, Thumbelisa, and The Ugly Duckling
The Second Annual FALL FAIRYTALE FESTIVAL continues with...

The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen
by Applause Unlimited 

Fri Oct 5 | 10:30am & 3:00pm
Sat Oct 6, Sun Oct 7 | 1:00pm & 3:00pm

All hans on deck for a celebration of Hans Christian Andersen! Whether dealing with ducklings, a (very) little lass, or an emperor's wardrobe malfunction, the Danish fairytale author could find meaning and morals in everything. Check it out this week at PST.

About the show: Applause Unlimited celebrates one of the 20th century’s greatest storytellers - Hans Christian Andersen - with this magnificent UNIMA award winning show. Sometimes serious and heartwarming, sometimes downright silly, but always fun, the show features storytelling and song as well as multiple styles of puppets in three of Andersen’s best loved tales: “The Ugly Duckling,” “Thumbelisa,” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”
Hand puppets, rod puppets, and marionettes, recommended ages 4 & up

About the performer: Applause Unlimited offers a wide range of performances featuring fresh presentations of classic tales.  Their approach includes masks, storytelling, music, and comedy in a unique combination that quietly educates as it entertains.  Applause Unlimited has performed at festivals and in theaters worldwide.  Their shows have been acclaimed by audiences, educators, producers, and sponsors of children's and family entertainment - receiving two Citations Of Excellence from the Union Internionale de la Marionette.