The Three Little Pigs Take Over the Net!

Newsflash, Readers!  The Three Little Pigs have taken over the Net.  I repeat: The Three Little Pigs have taken over the net...but that's totally ok because they're cute and cuddly, so no need to be alarmed.  I just thought you should know, what with WonderSpark Puppets returning to PST this week with their rendition of the classic tale.

Yes, in celebration of their return - both WonderSpark Puppets and The Three Little Pigs - I thought it would be best to do a countdown of some of the best Pig-related videos on the Internet, courtesy of Sesame Street, Jim Henson, and his Muppets.

5. Kermit Reports On The Three Little Pigs...and Count Ruins It

Poor Kermit.  All he wants to do is interview the Three Little Pigs, but he can't because Count keeps, you know, counting 'em.  That's right.  Every time a Little Pig appears, Count shouts "ONE Little Pig," "TWO Little Pigs," and then "THREE Little Pigs," making it very difficult for Kermit to ask them any questions regarding their encounter with the Big Bad Wolf.  Fed up with all the hullabaloo, the Pigs shut the door - and Kermit walks away without a story...or so you think!  

Just next door are the Seven Dwarves.  Oh, but wait.  That's not good.  Seven Dwarves means seven more things for the Count to, you know, count!  Get ready, Kermit.  The cycle's doomed to repeat itself.  

4. Kermit Reports On Two Homeless Piggies

After an unwanted visit from the Big Bad Wolf, two Pigs are left homeless.  

At the first scene of the crime - a big pile of straw - Kermit asks the first Pig what it's like to be homeless.  His response: "What kind of dumb question is that?!  I'm angry!  How would you feel if some big Wolf came along and huffed and puffed and blew your house down?!"

At the second scene of the crime - a big pile of sticks - Kermit asks the second, teary-eyed Pig the same question.  His response: "How do I feel?  How can you be so cruel as to ask me that?  My house is in rubble and you ask me that?  I'm sad!"

At the third scene of the crime - oh, wait!  There is none because it's made of brick.  Knowing this, Kermit asks the third Pig, who stands in front of his brick palace, trying to figure out where his satellite dish should go, what it's like to have a house that's "nice and solid and strong."  His response: "Proud."  Sure, he may seem vain, but when the other two Pigs come a-runnin', he takes them in and protects them from the Big Bad Wolf's big, bad breath.  Kermit, however, is not so lucky because the Wolf huffs and puffs and blows him away.

3. Kermit Reports on the NEW Three Little Pigs Story

That's right.  There's a new Three Little Pigs story, courtesy of the Big Bad Wolf, who's invited Kermit and his news team to capture it on video.

The story begins with the Wolf asking the Three Little Pigs to join him outside.  The Pigs refuse because in the old story, he huffed and puffed and blew their houses down.  The Wolf promises that he won't do that again, so the Pigs decide to give him a chance.  They go outside, where the Wolf begins the new story so: "Once upon a time, there were Three Little Pigs and a Frog Reporter.  When the Wolf saw them standing there, he took a deep breath and..." - Kermit and the Pigs jump - "sang a song!" 

This song turns out to be a game.  The Wolf sings, "Three of things belong together.  Three of these things are kinda the same.  One of these things just doesn't belong here.  Now it's time to play a game!"

Guess how the game ends.  Kermit, a frog, does not belong with the Three Little Pigs, so the Wolf huffs and puffs and blows him away and he and the Three Little Pigs live happily ever after.  As the Pigs rejoice, Kermit pops out of his coat and says, "I think I like the old story better."

2. Kermit Reports On the First Pig

Kermit interviews the first Pig, the one with the house made of straw.  When he asks, "Why straw," the Pig responds so: "Because straw is light and easy to carry - and when we get hungry, we can nibble on a wall or two."  Kermit suggests it would have been wiser to build a house made of wood or bricks, in case a Big Bad Wolf comes along and huffs and puffs and blows it down.  The Pig laughs this off, saying he worked on the house for four days and is, therefore, strong, then returns inside.

Moments later, the Big Bad Wolf arrives and Kermit - who thinks he knows the story of The Three Little Pigs - stands to the side and watches as he huffs and puffs and blows everything down...except the Pig's house.  Boy!  You may think you know the story, but then something like this happens.  It may not make sense, especially to Kermit, but that's what makes it funny.  

1. A New Way To Walk

Welcome to Mac TV!  Today's music video features kickin' music and pork bellies.  It's called "A New Way To Walk" and it features the talented Oinker Sisters.

Yes, this video - an obvious homage to Madonna, (specifically Madonna from the 80's) - is just delightful.  And it certainly puts a new twist on the story of The Three Little Pigs.  In the version we grew up with, they're running scared from the Big Bad Wolf.  Here, they're singing and dancing - and giving "Girl Power" a whole new meaning. 

I don't know about you, but this is definitely worthy of the number one spot.  It's got everything you could ever want from a Sesame Street music video: Madonna-esque dancing pigs and an 80's pop song - guaranteed to put a smile on your faces.

Feel like you need more Pig-related fun in your life?  Then come on down to PST this Saturday (or Sunday) to see WonderSpark Puppets perform their version of The Three Little Pigs.

'Til next time.  Yours truly, Esra Erol - marketing intern.

PS: Tell us what some of your favorite pig videos are!