A Woodland Cinderella Comes to PST!


The Second Annual FALL FAIRYTALE FESTIVAL concludes with... 

A Woodland Cinderella
by Deborah Costine, Pupeteer!

Fri Oct 12 | 10:30 AM 
Sat Oct 13 | 1 PM & 3 PM
Sun Oct 14 | 1 PM & 3 PM

This past month, we've met many colorful characters, including: a fairytale investigator, giants living on top of a beanstalk, a big, bad wolf hungry for three little pigs, princes (or frogs that became princes) and princesses, an emperor, a little girl (and we mean that literally), and an ugly duckling.

This week, we invite you to the conclusion of the Second Annual Fall Fairytale festival with Cinderella: A Woodland Fairy Princess - before we officially get into the spirit of Halloween with our "Halloween Extravaganza," beginning October 19th through October 28th.

About the ShowIn this original, UNIMA award-winning version of Cinderella, the King of all Woodland Fairies wants his son to marry a fairy princess, but he knows they are very hard to find, so he hosts a great ball and commands all the young fairy maidens to attend - with hopes that the missing Fern Fairy Princess will come. The question is: will she?
Hand puppets, recommended for ages 3 & up

About the Performer: When Deborah was a mere 10-years-old, she made her first puppet. She had no idea how to go about it, but she made a papier mache puppet, which sits in her puppet studio to this day!  Deborah also designs and performs shows for young audiences and was recently awarded a UNIMA "Citation of Excellence" for her show Cinderella: A Woodland Fairy Princess in 2009. The UNIMA "Citation of Excellence" is the highest honor in American puppetry.