"The City" by Modern Times Theater at PST

Puppets At Night Returns!
One Night Only...
"The City" by Modern Times Theater
Sat, Feb. 16 | 8 PM


We are excited to be hosting “The City” by Modern Times Theatre as part of our Puppets@Night series. "The City" is a toy theater play and we are looking forward to this special puppet show! During the show, you will experience over 1,000 years of history about the emergence of the city and its people. With Great Enthusiasm, we invite TEENS and ADULTS to join us for this One Night Only Show!!!

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the show with Modern Times Theater on WBUR.ORG:

About the Show: A fairy tale written by Hermann Hesse, “The City” takes you through one thousand years in the history of civilization presented in vivid cardboard Technicolor! Experience the arrival of the urban world taking shape before your very eyes on a minuscule stage of wonder! Hosted by Punch and Judy, puppetry’s favorite jerk and his loudmouth wife, the oddly amusing duo is sure to be a can't miss drama in pint-sized proportions.

Additional Fun: The Modern Times Theatre also doubles as the Plank House band, a cornet and cigar-box Ukulele duo specializing in classic novelty tunes of the 1920’s. Plus a street show series from “The Rural Person’s Verbal Reclamation Front,” whose mission is to reclaim language from the icy grip of the post-industrial empire and present them as a gift for the mutual benefit of women and beast, man and pasture. To date the words “chore” and “economy” have been saved!

About Modern Times Theater: Modern Times Theatre makes puppet shows for the street, the school, the barn, the pasture and the subway. Using cantastoria, cranky, hand puppet, and toy theatre forms, the shows convey a general dissatisfaction with post-modern convenience and promote a return to old-fashioned difficulty. Modern Times Theater is also part of the Vermont Vaudeville troupe, performing Vaudeville shows in the Opera Houses of Vermont. Modern Times Theater is Rose Friedman and Justin Lander, alumni of the Bread and Puppet Theater. The Bread and Puppet Theater, found by Peter Schumann, rose in the lower east side of New York in 1963. The original concerns of the early productions were rents, rats, police and other neighborhood problems. From there more complex pieces emerged equiped with scultures, dance and music.