Sharing Stories: Under the Night Sky At Puppet Showplace!

No More Wishing Upon A Star, Under A Night Sky Has Arrived

Take A Journey Through Time

Pictures can be worth more than a thousand words. 

Through the images on her quilt, Grandmother makes 
the story of the Underground Railroad come alive in 
Puppetkabob's production of "Under the Night Sky." July 17-20 at 10:30am & 1pm. BUY TICKETS 

Three children must discover the meanings of courage, 
love and hope as they overcome obstacles and
strengthen their belief in themselves. Watch as a young girl from Irleand bewilders her classmates as she proudly wears her coat of rags, stitched to patchwork perfection. 

A Show with Cinematic Puppetry Style

Puppeteers Sarah Frechette and Carol D'Agostino combine table top and shadow puppets to create a show that captivates the audience through light and perception. Depth and space are manipulated through light techniques in this unique and  mesmerizing show.

Meet the Artist: Sarah Frechette

After graduating from UConn, receiving her BFA through the Puppet Arts Program, Sarah continued her puppetry education by learning from Master Puppeteer Albrecht Roserin Germany. Sarah's voice can be heard on the PBS kid's show "Seemoure's Playhouse" through her character, "Penny Pup". When she is not being recorded, Sarah can be found touring her award winning show "The Snowflake Man".

 As the stories told by Puppetkabob are unraveled here at the Puppetshowplace, we hope you are here to listen alongside and learn a thing or two about the magic of a memory quilt.