Meet the Artists of "What the Moon Saw"

40th Anniversary Season:

Fall Fairy Tale Festival!

UP NEXT: "What the Moon Saw" by Sarah Frechette and Jason Thibodeaux. Original concept by Sarah Frechette and Ceili Clemens. September 12-21.

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By Guest Blogger: Sarah Frechette of Puppetkabob

I was invited by Roxie Myhrum, Artistic Director of the Puppet Showplace Theater, to revamp my ensemble puppet production of “What The Moon Saw” to be a featured part of the 40th Anniversary Season.  I first created this production, along with puppeteer Ceili Clemens, as my Senior Honors Thesis at the University of Connecticut. As part of the revamp, I decided to redesign and rebuild the puppets, costumes and ad props to expand the storytelling options on stage. The primary goal of remounting this show is getting kids excited about reading books and entering the magical world of storytelling. 

Performers Veronica Barron, Faye Dupras and Sarah Frechette

Performers Veronica Barron, Faye Dupras and Sarah Frechette

What to expect!

This show is an artful adaptation of H.C. Andersen's “The Ugly Duckling” and “Thumbelina”. The story of "What The Moon Saw" follows two misfit characters who are in search of friendship.  And along the way they are distracted by some meddlesome animals. 3 puppeteers, 1 musician, bring the beautiful rod puppet characters to life on a crescent moon shaped multi-layered stage. Stumps and branches transform to reveal Ms Mousie’s tree trunk hovel, Mr. Mole’s dark lair, and the bouncy lily pads of Mr. Frog's pond.

“What the Moon Saw” on tour!

This Fall "What The Moon Saw" stops included Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater in Sag Harbor, NY; Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City, NY; Puppeteers of America Regional Puppet Homecoming Festival in Rhinebeck, NY; and the final stop is the Puppet Showplace Theater! 

Meet the Artists!

I am the founder of PUPPETKABOB, a puppet company that has toured nationally to schools, libraries, theaters, museums and festivals.  I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut's Puppetry Arts Program, have mentored with German Master Puppeteer Albrecht Roser, and created costumes for the stop-motion film ParaNorman.  My solo production of “The Snowflake Man” which highlights photographer Snowflake Bentley, was awarded an UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence ~ and has been seen many times on the Puppet Showplace Theater stage!

On the Puppet Showplace Theater stage you will see Boston-based performers Faye Dupras and Veronica Barron, along with the music of Anthony Leva.  Sommerville-based musician Phil Berman (and Puppet Playtime performer) joined us on the first leg of the tour! 

New York-based Co-Director & Dramaturg Joshua Holden jumped on board and conducted some incredible rehearsals!  New York based friends & artists include: Painter Michael Carolan, Puppet fabricator Ceili Clemens.

It takes a village to make a puppet show!

The biggest thing I have learned from the remixing and remounting of this production is that I have some of the most incredible friends!  The long list of people who shared their time & talents to make this productions possible continues to grow and during this tour their creative energies have brought special powers to the show!  I am very blessed and over joyed to be friends with some of the most wonderful people and phenomenal artists in the world!

“What The Moon Saw” remained dormant for over a decade.  I am excited about the opportunity to reimagine this wonderful story with a fresh(ette) perspective! Some of my dearest friends and amazing artists located in Vermont, Boston, New York, and Portland, Oregon have added their creative energies and special powers to the remount of this show.

Portland, Oregon friends & artists include: Playwright & Puppet fabricator/painter Jason Thibodeaux, Puppet character designer & painter Brett Carville, Original theme and ballad composer Oviedo Senator Menendez, Mushroom and prop-maker Daniel Miller, Mouse Victorian-style dress-maker Heidi Sowa, Puppet & Costume painter Chris Rabilwongse, Book cover designer Melissa Larsen, Researcher Amy Wulfing, Mouse hair mistress Heidi Armour, Flower developer Danielle Bedick, and Costume hat maker Barbara Casement.

Vermont artists include: Costume Designer Kathy Wieland and mouse silhouette artist Carol Bell.

I even made a few new friends along the way too! Special Thanks to puppetry artists Penny Novack Benson and Sarah Goone.