DIY Puppet Crafts: Monkey Puppet!

 Get ready for our upcoming show "Help Save the Monkey!” with this awesome DIY monkey glove puppet!

"Help Save the Monkey!" by Liz Hara and Marta Mozelle Macrostie
July 1-3 @ 10:30am and 1pm

Make your own monkey puppet, recommended for kids 4 and up!


Brown Paper Bags
Colored Paper
Coloring utensils (markers, crayons, etc.)


1.     Using the colored paper, draw and cut out:

A big round oval for the monkey’s tummy
 Two hands
 Two ears
  Two arms
  A face and mouth
A tongue
  And a loooooong tail.



2.     Glue the mouth, tummy, face, and tongue on to the front of the paper bag.

3.     Flip the bag over and glue the tail, ears, and arms on to the back.

4.     Flip the monkey back over and glue the hands on to the front of the arms. Draw the eyes and nose on the monkey using a marker or coloring utensil.

5.     Prop your monkey upright by opening up the bag.

6.     Put on an awesome puppet show using your new monkey puppet.