"Magpie Puppets"

Spring at PST Kicks off with Tales from Africa!

"Leopard Learns a Lesson" by Magpie Puppets
Fri | Mar. 1 | 10:30 AM
Sat & Sun | Mar 2, 3 | 1 PM & 3 PM


This is Magpie Puppets newest performance! The story is adapted from an African tale from Malawi. Leopard is always bullying and frightening smaller animals until Rabbit turns the tables on her with the help of the jungle’s two largest beasts, Elephant and Rhinoceros. The audience learns, along with Leopard, that cooperation works better than intimidation. The show features hand puppets, plus original music by Alison Reid! Recommended for ages 3 and up.


What a great lesson to learn! You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. You and your children will be greatly entertained well also reinforcing the wonderful lesson of teamwork.  


Maggie Whalen, Director of Magpie Puppets, a one-woman hand puppet theater, has been performing puppet shows for children and adults since 1969. In 1971, she founded and directed Poor People's Puppets in NYC, which performed in its own storefront theater from 1971 - 1974. She has worked with the Bread & Puppet Theatre in Vermont and Theater for the New City in New York. In addition to performing, Maggie has taught puppet-making workshops at schools, community centers and even at Club Med!

Magpie Puppets is included in the Massachusetts Cultural Council Performing and Touring Roster and is a participant in the New England States Touring Program.

More about… “Moccasin Stew” by Magpie Puppets

Saturday and Sunday | January 29 & 30 | 1PM & 3PM

About the show: Adapted from a Southwest Native American folktale, Moccasin Stew is the story of Coyote, who is always outwitted by the creatures he tries to catch. Coyote is joined by a cast of characters that includes Hank, the rabbit chef; a Bluefish who sings the blues; a tricky Magic Fish; and a clever Quail who fools Coyote time and time again. Moccasin Stew is a delightful tale that teaches lessons of forgiveness and resourcefulness.

Performed with hand puppets. This show is recommended for ages 4 and up

About Magpie Puppets:
Magpie Puppets is committed to innovative children’s entertainment, free of stereotypes and violence. Performances include taped or live music, one-of-a-kind hand puppets, extensive audience participation, and inventive staging.

Director and puppeteer Maggie Whalen is also a trained pediatric occupational therapist. As an artist and therapist who works with children every day, she is uniquely qualified to understand the developmental and emotional needs of children, and their need for joyous participatory fun.

Magpie Puppets [official site]


Happy New Year from PST!

The Puppet Showplace Theatre will be closed December 31st and January 1st. This does not mean that you will have a week without puppets. We encourage you to buy your First Night buttons to see some of our regular performers. This year we have performers presenting in three local cities Boston, Worcester, and Providence.

Our performers in Boston are Galapagos Puppets, The Gerwick Puppets, Magpie Puppets and our friends Wayne Martin Puppets, Dan Butterworth Marionettes and the Puppeteers Cooperative. For more info visit www.firstnight.org

Our performer in Worcester is Sylvia and the Magic Trunk. If you missed her at PST on December 28th this is your opportunity to see her. For more info visit www.firstnightworcester.org.

Our performer in Providence is Sparky’s Puppets and our friends Big Nazo. For more info visit www.brightnight.org.

Have a safe and fun evening and we will see you in 2009!!