Only Seven Days Left

Please help make the Puppet Showplace one of Massachusetts' Great Places.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts invites residents from all 351 cities and towns across the state to nominate their favorite places. The nominations will be considered for a final list of 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts to be announced in May.

The Great Places initiative will celebrate what is unique about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, its communities, and its people. It also aims to stimulate the economy by boosting visitation to the state's wide range of exceptional historic sites, cultural venues, and natural landscapes.

The deadline for nominations is April 15. Tell your members, visitors, and fans to nominate their favorite place here: http://www.massvacation.com/1000/index.php

Check out Chronicle on WCVB-TV on Monday, April 12 at 7:30 pm for more on 1,000 Great Places.

Help Us Make PST One of the 1,000 Greatest Places in Massachusetts

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism wants your input in assembling a list of the 1,000 Greatest Places in Massachusetts!

With 35 years as New England's Puppet Theatre, we think the Puppet Showplace Theatre should be on the list.

But we're not content to simply make the list. Our goal is to make the top 100! If you agree, and would like to see the Puppet Showplace Theatre included among the top 100 greatest historic sites, cultural venues, and natural landscapes that the state has to offer, nominate us for inclusion by submitting this free online form (It's really simple and quick). Voting concludes in early May.

Thank you for supporting New England's puppet theatre!