Hold Onto Your Underpants...

Squirrel On the Loose at Puppet Showplace!

Back by Popular Demand: "Squirrel Stole My Underpants" by Bonnie Duncan

Just when you thought you were having a bad day, nothing makes things more complicated than losing your underpants. However, you did not lose them by accident; they were stolen! In this exciting journey through the imagination, performer Bonnie Duncan takes us on little Sylive's adventure to retrieve her favorite pair of underpants from a silly sneaky squirrel.

Bonnie combines puppetry, dance, original music, and mime in a way that might just knock your socks off- or even your underwear! Will our lonely heroine rescue her underpants and discover the magic within herself? Join us on this adventure to find out!


August 7-10
10:30am & 1pm

About Bonnie Duncan...

Bonnie Duncan has come a long way since her days growing up in the south competing in dance and swimming competitions. After studying theatre and education in college, Bonnie continued into grad school learning how to make her own costumes while acting in original theatre pieces. The solo puppeteer creates her own award winning productions which she brings to theatres, museums and festivals across the country.

With every performance during her last visit to Puppet Showplace SOLD OUT, it goes to show that Bonnie Duncan's performances are not ones you want to miss!


Every performance of "Squirrel Stole My Underpants" this week will be accompanied by live music.  What a special treat!

A Carol Collodi Classic at Puppet Showplace

National Marionette Theatre is Back...

We Aren't Lying! (Check our Noses)

"Pinocchio" by National Marionette Theatre
Wed-Sat, July 24-27 at 10:30am & 1pm


The Syrotiak family has finally arrived in Brookline from their workshop in Brattleboro, VT bringing with them their absolutely stunning production of "Pinocchio".  This adaptation of a classic tale takes the stage for four days at Puppet Showplace and we couldn't be more excited!

Come follow Pinocchio on his series of adventures as he discovers that only by being truthful, selfless and kind to others will he realize his dream of becoming a real boy.

The Family Business...

From left to right: Peter Syrotiak, David J. Syrotiak, David A. Syrotiak

Founded in 1967 by David A Syrotiak, the National Marionette Theatre (NMT) has become known for its excellence in manipulation technique in puppet theatre for over 40 years. The family, David A Syrotiak, and his two sons, David J Syrotiak and Peter Syrotiak, have performed all over the country and even across the globe bringing their shows to libraries, schools, and festivals.

All three work together in order to make their productions a success in wowing their audiences. Artistic director, David A, has been given the well deserved title "Master Puppeteer" as he has won the UNIMA award for excellence in the field of puppetry for two productions.  David A is also the first recipient of the Paul Vincent Davis award in 2012 for leadership and excellence in the field of puppetry arts.  This award is named after Puppet Showplace Artist-in-Residence Emeritus, Paul Vincent Davis.

David J. has mastered his wood carving and sculpting skills, bringing them to other companies such as Vagabond Marionettes and Bennington Puppets. Peter, who joined the company in 1989 is known not only for his performing talents but also for his brilliant puppet making skills. More about NMT on their website: http://www.nmtshow.com/

This Week's Performers...

Honey Goodenough, puppeteer
For this week's run of performances at Puppet Showplace, the Syrotiak family will be joined by marionettist, Honey Goodenough.

About the artist: Honey Goodenough is a New York City based puppeteer, producer, educator, clown, and magician.

This performance is sure to come with familiar characters, a captivating story and a great experience. See you at the theatre!