Upcoming shows and events

Many of you have been calling and asking if we have a show on Monday the 12th. Your eyes are not fooling you! We have showings of "Puss in Boots" at 1pm and 3pm. We generally do not have shows on Mondays, but the 12th is Veteran's Day.

Aaaaaand in grown-up puppet news: on Saturday the 17th we are having a Puppet Slam! What is a Puppet Slam, you ask? A Puppet Slam is a hard thing to explain. Our Slams showcase experimental puppetry at its finest. There will be performances that make you laugh, sing and think. There are lots of different kinds of puppetry being showcased at this Slam, including shadow and object puppetry. Curious as to what that means? Well, come on by the theater at 8pm on the 17th. We'll even have tasty snacks!