Store Update!

Chopper Chums - T-Rex
There's a rumor going around that some of you like dinosaurs... If there's any truth in it, you might want to stop in and take a look at some of our ferocious new additions.
And, speaking of ferocious:

Droidimals Purple Hand PuppetWe also heard that some of you might be looking to hire a monster. We have a few interested parties looking for employment. Some are purple, some are orange, and there may even be a pink monster hiding behind the marionettes on our store shelves. But you didn't hear that from us...
Finally, if dinosaurs and monsters have a few too many teeth for your liking, we've got a whole boatload of pirates looking for adventure on the high seas (or possibly just on the somewhat safer terrain of the sofa).

As always, if you are looking for something but you don't see it on our shelves, tell a staff member! The store manager will try to track it down for you!