Moccasin Stew and PupptSLAM

Thank goodness it is Friday! With all of the strange weather we've been having it is nice to finally have a nice, simple, sunny day. A lot of you are probably finalizing your weekend plans today... might we humbly suggest puppets?

Our kid show this weekend is "Moccasin Stew" which is based on a Southwest Native American folk tale and presented by Magpie Puppets. Maggie's puppets are whimsical and mischievous and teach important lessons about resourcefulness and forgiveness. "Moccasin Stew" will be presented on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets are still available at the box office. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Just as a reminder: The PuppetSLAM is taking place Saturday night at 8PM. We are a little over half-sold for this event, and we expect to sell out by tomorrow night, so please be sure to reserve ahead of time!