Upcoming shows and events

It is March already! That means that, with any luck, Spring is just around the corner. That also means that Daylight Savings Time is happening. Make sure to change your clocks on Saturday night. That's right folks, we're losing an hour of sleep - but we're gaining more sunlight! You can learn more about Daylight Savings Time here.

Our show this weekend is "Pinocchio" performed by Sadecky's Puppets. This is a great way to introduce children to the classic tale of responsibility, honesty and loyalty. Showtimes are Saturday and Sunday at 1PM and 3PM.

Our Tot show for this upcoming week is "Sir George and the Dragon" performed by Pumpernickle Puppets. Show times are Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30AM.

On Sunday March 15th we are having one of our popular PuppetSLAMs! We're very excited because these events are always so much fun. The SLAM starts at 8PM and it is recommended for ages 14 and up (this is an "Adult event" which means that some humor and subjects might be a bit more "mature"). Tickets are on sale now! They are $13 for non-members, and $10 for Members, Students, and those of low income. You can find out more about SLAMs here

Finally, we LOVE to hear what you have to say about our shows and the theater in general. We ESPECIALLY love getting feedback from the kids. If you have a budding critic in your family, PLEASE have them submit a review. We might publish it in our playbill and/or on the Blog!
You can contact us by emailing: info@puppetshowplace.org