Cinderella, A Woodland Fairy Princess Coming to PST June 6 & 7

Deborah Costine, Puppeteer, is back at the Puppet Showplace Theatre the weekend of June 6 & 7 with her Cinderella story, Cinderella, A Woodland Fairy Princess.

In Deborah's unique adaptation of the familiar fairy tale, The King of All Woodland Fairies wants his son to marry a fairy princess, but they are very hard to find. So the King hosts a great ball and commands that every single fairy maiden in the land must attend. The King hopes that the missing Fern Fairy Princess will come, because he knows the secret to identifying a true fairy princess.

This hand puppet show features a wonderful woodland puppet stage, a memorable cast of characters (including the King and the mean stepsister Stonilola) and the engaging hand puppetry of Deborah Costine.

Join us for this enchanting take on the perennial favorite! Call 617-731-6400 or click the link below to purchase tickets.