More About... Margaret Moody and Galapagos Puppet Theater

This weekend come cool down or stay dry - depending on what the weather does - at the Puppet Showplace Theatre and enjoy a very special performance of The Monkey King (aka Monkey Wreaks Havoc in Heaven) by Margaret Moody of Galapagos Puppet Theater.

Galapagos Puppet Theater is comprised of Madeleine Beresford & Margaret Moody and includes of a multitude of characters who acts as windows into folktales, fantasies, and historical stories. They perform with hand, rod and life-sized puppets. Galapagos was founded in 1987 and is named for the Galapagos Islands, a habitat for many peaceful and unusual creatures.

They have studied with Taiwan’s master puppeteer Li Tien-lu and his I Wan Jan troupe, and use traditional Chinese puppets and choreography in several shows bringing a love of history and heritage all of their performances.

Galapagos has performed at many venues in the Northeast, including at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the American Museum of Natural History and this Sunday we are happy to welcome Margaret Moody with her solo performance of The Monkey King to Brookline Village.

The Monkey King -The magical Monkey King makes mischief in the Heavens, eating all of the Jade Emperor's peaches and Lao-tze's elixirs. Traditional music arranged by Kevin and Rose Zhen. Performed with traditional Chinese hand puppets and intricate choreography.


Sunday, July 11 @1PM