"Here Come the Clowns" by Brad Shur

Wed & Thurs | May 4 & 5 | 10:30AM & 1PM
Sat & Sun | May 7 & 8 | 1PM & 3PM

About the show: With a beep, a honk, and a snap, happy clowns caper out of a tiny car to perform humorous vignettes from around the world. Dusty rolls out the red carpet, Pierrot plays on his hobby horse, and Zany rows, rows, rows his boat towards a “big surprise”! Join us for laughter and fun in this wonderful show!

About the performer: Brad Shur, artist in residence at PST, has been professionally involved in puppetry for nearly 10 years. As a fan of all types of puppetry, Brad has built and performed with rod puppets, hand puppets, shadow puppets, larger-than-life costume puppets, Japanese bunraku puppets and marionettes. His shows are high energy blends where at least a few of these styles come together with storytelling, original scripts, and lots of audience participation.

You can catch Brad at least twice monthly at Puppet Showplace Theatre, performing any one of six shows in his repertoire: "Raccoon Tales," "Here Come the Clowns," "The Singing Turtle," "Dr. Doohickey's Monster Machine," "The Carrot Salesman," and his newest production "The Magic Soup and Other Tales."

Brad is also an experienced teacher and offers workshops and classes for all ages on site at PST or private bookings in addition to extended residencies. This programming includes shadow, hand, and rod puppets, or custom workshops. Click here for more info!