"Little Red Riding Hood" by WonderSpark Puppets


Wed & Thurs |May 11 & 12 | 10:30 a.m.

About the show:
Little Red is sent into the big woods to deliver a basket of goodies to her sick Grandmother, but is hounded by a hungry wolf who wants the basket for himself. Will Little Red be able to outsmart the wolf and save her Grandmother? The wolf is not overly scary, but children under 3 may be too young for this tale.
Little Red & The Wolf uses hand-held puppets on 3 tables, and is great for larger spaces like schools and theaters. The show is 45 minutes long and is fun for ages 4 and up.

About the performer:
Located in New York City, WonderSpark Puppets performs award-winning puppet theater in all sorts of venues. Theaters, schools, libraries, children's museums, and even your living room, you never know where WonderSpark Puppets will be appearing next.
Founded by husband and wife team Chad Williams and Lindsey "Z." Briggs, WonderSpark Puppets infuse fun and whimsy into all their performances. WonderSpark is happy to perform puppet shows for kids and adults alike.

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