Hansel & Gretel by Wayne Martin Puppets

All shows Wed, Thurs & Sat | 10:30am & 1pm

"Hansel & Gretel" by Wayne Martin Puppets
JUN 8, 9 & 11 | 10:30am & 1pm

About the show: The classic Brothers Grimm fairytale is magically presented utilizing gorgeous hand, rod, string and shadow puppetry in this colorful musical production. Hansel, Gretel and of course the wicked old witch are all "on hand" along with a few surprise guests, to bring this beloved story to life for you at the Puppet Showplace Theater. This production will be followed by a selection of variety marionette vignettes from the award winning puppeteer's "Martin's Magical, Musical Revue."

About the performer: Wayne Martin began his interest in puppetry as a hobby at the tender age of three and a half. By age eight, he had formed his own company, The Wayne Martin Puppets and turned full-time professional.

At the top of his profession for nearly forty years now, Wayne’s credits include guest appearances with Symphony Orchestras and work as principal manipulator for industry greats, the Heiken Puppets, Sid and Marty Krofft Productions and Jim Henson’s Muppets, among others.

Martin has been featured in numerous award winning television programs and commercials. These include critically acclaimed educational and training films and his very own television series and specials that have earned him two Emmy Award nominations.

Wayne Martin’s first love remains live performance. He has toured Canada, Europe and Australia and presents his one-man variety revue hundreds of times each year across the United States. His unique style of showmanship has been instrumental in broadening the appeal of the puppet show in this country and it's acceptance as true theatre art enjoyed by adults and children alike. Having designed and built over two thousand puppets to date, Martin's act has appeared with such established artists as Bob Hope, Dolly Parton, The 5th Dimension and The Temptations.
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