Puppet Film Night: Handmade Puppet Dreams, Volume II Coming to PST!

Puppets are not just for the stage! Sesame street,
the Muppet Show, Labyrinth... there are so many amazing example of puppets who have leaped off the stage and entered a career in film. Come to Puppet Showplace this weekend and check out some amazing puppet cinematography in Handmade Puppet reams, Volume II this Saturday, Oct 15th.
This unique collection features not one, but ten puppet films in one night! Come see why this series, put together by Heather Henson (daughter of Muppet creator Jim Henson), has been loved by audiences across the country. These movies range from silly to beautiful, poignant to absurd. Together, they showcase the "next generation" of puppeteers who embrace film as their medium.
The show starts at 8:00pm and popcorn is included in the price of admission ( Who doesn't like FREE FOOD!). There will also be a special appearance by alumni of the "Furry Monsters 101" class.

So to recap...Saturday October 15th, 8:00pm, 10 Puppet films, A Furry Monster performance, and free popcorn!!! You really can't afford to miss this event so you better reserve your tickets today! Just remember this show is for older puppet enthusiasts and is recommended for ages 16 and up. Check out this preview...

Want to learn more about this film ( including a list and decription of the short films included in this volume of puppets dreams) and other Handmade Puppet Dream productions? Check out this link to their WEBSITE