Calling All Performers!!

Behind the scenes with Brad Shur,
 PST Artist -in-Residence.
Fall Fairytale Festival Slam: "Grown up Fairytales"
Saturday September 15, 2012
8:00 pm at Puppet Showplace Theatre

Are you a performer?  If not, would you like to be?  PST is now accepting proposals to perform in our upcoming September Puppet Slam! From the uproarious and farcical, to the melancholy and insightful, our Puppet Slams have featured some wonderful pieces in the past.  For information about our Puppet Slams,
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What We're Looking For - The theme for the evening is "Grown Up Fairytales". We hope to have performances that showcase diverse styles of puppetry and theatre while fracturing, adapting, and riffing on the theme of classic fairytales. Performance pieces should be 3-10 minutes in length and have some connection to this theme.  Otherwise, all styles of theatre, puppetry, and musicianship are welcome to be a part of the show.  If you have a full act prepared, great!  If you have an unfinished work, or even just a concept, we'll help you!  As long as your performance can be ready by the performance date, September 15th, we will consider it.  We would love to have a wide range of subject matter, so please feel free to send us anything you've got! 

Submit a Proposal - The deadline to submit a proposal has been EXTENDED TO AUGUST 13, 2012.  Performers will then be notified by August 15th if they have been selected.  For any questions, email  Click Here to submit your proposal.