Jack and the Beanstalk: Giant-Sized Entertainment Comes to PST


The 2nd Annual

Jack and the Beanstalk
by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre
Sat Sun & Mon | Sept 15 16 & 17 | 1pm & 3pm (Sat & Sun) 10:30am & 1pm (Mon)

The saying goes, "Dreams can come true." This week at PST, Jack plants three magic beans, dreams of a magic beanstalk, and later that night, one grows in his backyard! See what happens when he gathers the courage to climb up the beanstalk and explore the world above...and the giants who live there!

About the show: Sent to the market to sell his old cow, Jack returns home with a measly handful of beans. Jack is devastated until... the beans become a beanstalk, the beanstalk leads to adventure, and Jack has a chance at fame and fortune. All he has to do is outwit a very hungry giant! Crabgrass Puppet Theatre's hilarious retelling of the tallest of tales is full of fun and loaded with laughs. Colorful scenery, exciting puppetry, and a delightful musical score combine to create a giant-sized entertainment for all ages.
Mixed styles, recommended for ages 3 & up

About the performer: The Crabgrass Puppet Theatre is an award-winning touring puppet theatre founded in 1982 by Jamie Keithline and Bonny Hall. Jamie and Bonny met in 1979, while performing in Laughingstock!, a puppet-and-actor production at the University of Connecticut in which Bonny played Jamie's father. They have been working together ever since!