Behind the Scenes at PST: Senseless!

A 2011 performance of Senseless!
Playing With The Senses in Senseless!

You know how we puppet-loving PST employees love to bring joy to children?  Yeah, well, we like doing that for adults too, which is why we thought we'd add Senseless! to our fall lineup.  Before you see the show, take a moment to read about it.

The Show...

Let's begin with the story.  Senseless! is a send-up of classic old time radio melodramas.  Using puppets and live Foley sound effects, the performers create a Film Noir-like world, in which Brick Foley: Blind Detective must stop a series of murders at the Helen Keller School of Music and win the heart of the woman he lost years before.  Sounds great in print, I know, but check out a clip from their premiere below:

Take a moment to let that soak in.  Did you do it?  Do you agree that it's awesome - like nothing you've ever seen before?  Ok, good.  Let's continue.  

Senseless! premiered as part of the Puppet Lab series at the renowned St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York City, where it received nothing but praise, of course.  Since then, it has been performed at the Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival and the New Orleans Fringe Festival, where the NOLA Defender had this to say about it: "a nearly flawless performance" - which we agree to. 

Yes!  Inspired by the shows of the Golden Age of radio and by live performances of NPR's Prairie Home Companion, Senseless! brings the exciting and chaotic sound effects props table to life with object-theatre puppetry.

And The Performer(s)... 

You know what they say: "story and character are key."  Senseless! has both for sure.  You've read about (even seen) some of the story.  Now let the colorful characters (a.k.a. the performers behind 'em) do some of their magic.

Let's begin with Elizabeth Hara, the mastermind behind Senseless!.  With a resume that highlights past work like "puppet builder for the Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street, and Avenue Q," you know she's guaranteed to bring the mother of all shows to the PST stage.

And then there's her team, which features the performing talents of Brendan Yi-Fu Tay (The Puppet Kitchen,) Sarah Lafferty (Castleton Opera Festival,) Katrina Denney (Fundamental Theatre Group), Emmy Award-winner Michael Schupbach (Sesame Street, Johnny and the Sprites) Eric Wright (The Puppet Kitchen, The Metropolitan Opera, The Public Theatre) and David Brown (Poor But Sexy).

Just a small number of the Senseless! Performers
Now, just a reminder: Someone is killing the students at the Helen Keller School of Music - and the poor kids never saw it coming. Only Brick Foley: Blind Detective can save the school and the woman he loves from the senseless murders.

If you want in on this adventure, then you better come on down to PST this weekend because the more the merrier.  Plus, you don't want to let Brick Foley go about this all by his lonesome self, do you?  I didn't think so.  In case you haven't done so already, you can buy your tickets HERE, as well as the PST Box Office.

Till next time!  Yours truly, Esra Erol - marketing intern at PST.