Bunnies-a-Bound at PST!

Brer Rabbit & Brer Bear
"Brer Rabbit Tales" by Magical Moonshine Theatre
Thurs | March 28 | 10:30 AM
Fri | March 29 | 10:30 AM & 1 PM
Sat | March 30 | 1 PM & 3PM 
Kick off Easter weekend with the most infamous trickster rabbit of them all- Brer Rabbit!  Not enough bunny for you? Not to worry! We have more bunnies through next week in "The Carrot Salesman" performed by Brad Shur, PST Artist-In-Residence!

About the show: Brer Rabbit is more "April Fool's" than the Easter Bunny, but his antics are hopping great fun! In this hilarious show by Magical Moonshine Theatre (on tour from California!), our famous floppy-eared trickster continually tries to outwit the likes of Brer Fox and Brer Bear. Magical Moonshiner Michael grew up in Alabama, listening to the tales of Brer Rabbit, filled with lore, wisdom and shenanigans. In Tales of Brer Rabbit he and wife, Valerie, blend together some of their favorite folktales, adding a little banjo music and singing to create a show that is clever fun for children and adults alike.

The Carrot Salesman by Brad Shur, PST Artist-In-Residence

Thurs | April 4 | 10:30am
Friday | April 5 | 10:30am & 1pm
Sat & Sun | April 6 & 7 | 10:30am & 1pm


"The Carrot Salesman" is the original story of a door-to-door carrot salesrabbit who is not very good at his job. But through his unsuccessful efforts to sell carrots to elephants, jellyfish, moles, and robots, he discovers a way to help all of the animals. Performed with colorful two-dimensional table-top puppets and fun audience interaction. This show is recommended for ages 3 and up.


Magical Moonshine Theatre has been recognized for fine quality programming, with emphasis on puppetry, mask and music since 1979. MMTheatre performances have been seen coast to coast in the U.S., as well as internationally with performances in 15 countries in 8 different languages. The group has received numerous awards and honors on the national and international level. MMTheatre director and founder Michael Nelson studied puppetry at the International Puppetry Institute with the late Jim Henson of the Muppets. http://www.magicalmoonshine.org/

Michael & Valerie Nelson
The tale of the trickster Brer Rabbit originated in African Folklore and then carried on by African slaves in the New World. Once there it acquired attributes of similar Native American tricksters. The legend was popularized in the United Sates in the stories of Joel Chandler in the late 1800’s. The overall theme is a small, weak, but clever ingenious force can overcome a larger, stronger, but dull-witted power. Brer Rabbit continually outsmarts his bigger animal associates, Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, and Brer Bear.