Restoring Joy in Boston

The Puppet Showplace Theatre joins the many members of the Boston community in solidarity and mourning after the senseless attacks on the city yesterday. We want to thank all the first responders and medical personnel for taking action without hesitation to help both members of our own community and those visiting the city for the Marathon. During this time of uncertainty and loss, we hope that many of you will use the power of the arts, in whatever form, to begin to heal. 

If you are a parent and looking for ways to talk to your children about the events that took place at the Boston Marathon, take a look at this helpful webpage by 90.9wbur: CLICK HERE

Graham Gardner- PST Staff Member

Hi PST folks, 
Graham Gardner,
 PST Graphic Designer and Guest Blogger

I hope everyone is waking up safe and sound today. I rode the train early this morning and it felt almost like a ghost town. Even at 7am the train is easily half full of commuters but today there were only a handful of people on the red line heading toward the city. Later I passed a small unit of the National Guard on my way into North Station, all looked just about my age and with crisp, un-dirtied uniforms.

I'll spare you the Mr. Rogers quotes about helpers but the one thought I had this morning was that it was good to be amongst people, even just the few that braved the public commute. It's a strange turn of fate that my car would be in the shop this week and I'm forced to leave the bubble like solitude of a one-person drive to work. There is a lot to be shared in just a few passing glances between commuters today. 

I hope wherever you are--at PST, at one of the million other jobs we all have, or with friends or family--I hope that you are well and I hope that you are finding comfort in the people around you. As a New England institution, PST has been bringing beauty, art, and joy to the people of Boston (and beyond) for many years. I'm proud to be apart of that.

Sending thanks and well wishes to you all and the greater PST community.

Graham Gardner
PST Graphic Designer